The History of Shadowgear

The current incarnation of Shadowgear was established in the early 1950's after an attack from the 17 1/2 Ninja Bunny Rabbits from Neptune destroyed the original historic location in the Nightside, the seedy underbelly of London.  Vowing considerable revenge, and attacks from the slap-fairy, founder JR wrecked his massive wrath upon the Bunnies, suddenly and violently all over the place.  

With a little help from a certain dimension hopping Doctor, JR took what was left of the store and fled the Authorities, who were a mite put out over the whole thing.  Not forgetting his towel, JR transported his stock to the current location in quaint picturesque Kingston, NH. He received much support from the Evil League of Evil and was able to rebuild his store and commence work on his "secret" lair below the new venue.

 *the description of the preceding events may or may not be fictitious.  Any resemblance to real or actual evens is coincidental and totally awesome.